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(Pocket-lint) - Electronic Arts has announced dates for Star Wars: Battlefront's open beta.

This beta will be open to everyone who wants to download it on Origin (will appear in the Demo and Betas sections), a PlayStation 4 (via PSN), or an Xbox One (via Xbox Live Marketplace). Keep in mind progress in the game will be limited to level five for the duration of the beta.

The beta will start on 8 October and last until 12 October. As part of the beta, you will get to experience three modes spread across the planets. The first one, called Walker Assault, takes place on Hoth and lets you fight in an epic, 40-player battle as a Rebel to destroy a fleet of AT-ATs.

The second, called Drop Zone, features escape pods crashing down on Sullust, and you must fight to control them, while the third mode, called Survival Mission, lets you play hold off waves of Imperial forces on Tatooine. You can play alone or with a friend via co-op or split-screen.

Star Wars Battlefront is an upcoming video game and the third major title in the Star Wars: Battlefront series. EA Dice is developing the reboot, while EA is publishing it. You can expect it to release on 17 November in North America for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

If you live in Europe, you'll must wait for the game to release on 20 November. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.