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(Pocket-lint) - Star Wars Battlefront isn't the only movie tie-in game coming to homes soon. Nor is it the only game with "battle" in the title.

That's because Bandai Namco is bringing a home version of its huge arcade hit, Star Wars Battle Pod, to the UK, US and Japan in June.


From 18 June you will be able to order your own home edition of the Star Wars dog fight simulator for £24,000 that you sit inside for an interactive ride.

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There is also a Premium Edition, made-to-order version for $100,000 (around £65K) that comes with genuine leather seats that move around depending on the action on screen. There are two separate designs based on the Rebel Alliance and Darth Vader respectively, and each product has its own unique serial number on an engraved plate that also features the owner's name. Shipping and setting fees are additional.

Full purchasing details will be released mid-June on starwarsbattlepod.com.

Having had several goes on one of the arcade cabinets at Butlins in Bognor Regis recently, we can thoroughly recommend the game, which harks back to the Star Wars arcade machine from yesteryear. It has wrap-around screens to further immerse you in the action and you can take part in a number of the key flight sequences from Episodes IV-VI.

Now you won't have to find the £2 each time to play it. You'll just have to play it at least 12,000 times to justify the cost.

Writing by Rik Henderson.