As the opener to its E3 2014 Media Briefing, Electronic Arts showed a video of Dice Studio's early work on the forthcoming return of Star Wars Battlefront. And let's just say that from the initial in-game clips, this could be the best-looking Star Wars game of all time.

The game - which is most likely to be for PS4, Xbox One and PC - will not rear its head until 2015, with more to be revealed next spring, but it definitely looks in great hands with the Dice team.

For a start, they visited the varied locations the original Star Wars trilogy was shot to get an exact feel for their look and ambience. That visual information has subsequently been used to make the battlegrounds as lifelike and accurate as possible.

In addition, Dice had access to the props from the original films, to ensure they are replicated in-game.

It's not mentioned in the behind the scenes clip whether Dice is using the Frostbite 3 Engine for Star Wars Battlefront or whether new graphics software has been developed for it, but it's certainly looking very promising at the moment. See for yourself.

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