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(Pocket-lint) - Star Wars 1313 blew the heads off graphical nerds the world over when it made its first gameplay appearance at E3 this year. The new game from LucasArts looked so incredible that it left many wondering if it was running on a next-gen console.

This turned out to be a myth when it was confirmed that the demo was running on specially made Nvidia PC gaming rigs. But what sort of beef do you need to run a game looking like Star Wars 1313? 

The answer is £1500 and a PC parts shopping list with more than enough grunt to send someone to a galaxy far, far away. Pocket-lint has managed to get hold of the specs inside the Nvidia rigs at E3 and while not being total bank breakers, clearly the looks of 1313 are only possible on top-end PCs. 

Inside the PC that ran the game at E3 was an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680. This is a brand new card from Nvidia and is the quickest single-core GPU the company has built. Featuring 2GB of video memory and a 1GHz base clock, it is second only in speed to the GTX690 which features a pair of GPUs.

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Just to give you an idea of its speed, it manages to run last year's graphical show-stopper, Battlefield 3, at an average of 45 frames a second with everything turned up full whack and running at a staggering 2560 x 1600 resolution. So that is double the resolution of your HD TV and running quicker and better than your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A GTX 680 is going to set you back around £420.

Next up was the demo computer's RAM, all 16GB of it. On top of that it featured a top-spec latest-gen Intel Core i7 processor, more than enough to handle most of the goings on in the Star Wars 1313 demo. Other than that, just plenty of big cooling fans and not a lot else. Naturally the whole setup is powered by SSDs, keeping loading times speedy. Total cost of getting 1313 looking that sweet, around about £1500. 

What's particularly exciting is if we go on the proviso that new consoles on their release usually match up with high-spec gaming rigs, it is entirely possible that if 1313 were to launch on next-gen hardware, it would look just like that.

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Like the sound of the 1313 rig? Or is that a tad out of your price range?

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Writing by Hunter Skipworth.