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(Pocket-lint) - Lucas Arts confirmed before gaming conference E3 that it was working on a new Star Wars video game - called Star Wars 1313 - that would be for the mature video-gamer rather than just another under-10s fest.

Now at E3 the developers have shown off their work so far in a video that illustrates the treats we have in store when the game eventually comes out.

"People want to see a darker, grittier version of Star Wars and that's what we plan to deliver,"  Dominic Robilliard, one of the developers on the game, told Spike TV.

The game’s protagonist is a bounty hunter who delves deep into the Coruscant underworld. Rather than using Jedi tricks or supernatural forces, “bounty” will have an array of gadgets at his disposal  - and as he's a bounty hunter, we can assume he will be quite handy with his fists, too.

The footage, shown to Spike TV at the show, demos three different areas of the game with stunning visuals that at times looks like CGI from the latest blockbuster movie. Combat sequences will include duck-and-cover gameplay.

Robilliard doesn't really give up much information, but does mention that the developers are building in on a custom high-end PC with Nvidia hardware rather than on an Xbox 360 and that artists from ILM and Skywalker Sound have also been involved.

Writing by Stuart Miles.