If you thought you saw Darth Vader or one of his stormtroopers on your way into work today don’t fret, you’re not cracking up. Vader and his cronies were joined by R2D2 in London this morning to help celebrate the launch of Kinect Star Wars for the Xbox 360, our review of which can be read here.

There have been no reports of Vader having to use his death grip in this mornings rush hour, though judging by these commuters' (lack of) reaction to the Star Wars characters presence, it’s unlikely anyone would notice. London eh?

darth vader and co hit the streets of london for kinect star wars launch image 3

Rumours of various Jedi mind tricks being played on unsuspecting ticket inspectors are also currently unfounded - "This is not the Oyster card you are looking for."

Kinect Star Wars is available now for the Xbox 360 for £39.99.

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