Since its launch, Star Wars: The Old Republic has thrown up a few issues, with Bioware even going to the extent of warning and then banning players for exploiting bugs in the system in its first month. Now though, it seems the developer of the massively successful massively multiplayer online game is taking a more softly softly approach. Which is just as well, because this hilarious exploit may never have seen the light of day otherwise.

One SWOTR player and forumite posted this video of, what is now known as, the "/getdown exploit" on the official forums, and while he has been politely informed that it has been taken down, he still lives to fight another day: "We recently removed your thread about the /getdown video," the poster claims to have been told by Bioware. "We appreciate you trying to bring it to our attention but we do not allow the posting of potential exploits on the forums. Note this message is just to let you know and is NOT a warning against your account!"

The exploit itself is hilarious, and even if stamped out promptly by the developer in patch form, it's immortalised in the video posted by iAmPeacecraft. Typing /getdown during the game allows your character to burst into dance, cutting some groovy disco moves. However, doing it while in battle constantly interrupts your opponent, including boss baddies. They can't use any of their power attacks so your team mates can easily dispatch them, plus, you don't take damage while dancing.

Great stuff, if short-lived.

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