Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II has just been released to the European market and to celebrate LucasArts put on a Force-based gym session led by Lord Darth Vader himself.

Weirdest promo event for a game release ever? Quite possibly - just go with it and don't ask questions.

"We’re eternally grateful to Lord Vader for being the chosen venue to host this once in a lifetime opportunity for fans of Star Wars," said Richard Hilton at the London Holborn GymBox where it took place. 

The intense Sith training regime was developed with the trainers at the gym and combined lightsaber techniques, manipulation of the Force and Starkiller strength skills.

Kim Issacs of London was chosen as the winner by Darth Vader and now gets to "learn the ways of the dark side". Yoda-only knows what that means - presumably she'll be taking residence on the Death Star and taking daily dark side classes

darth vadar gets new job as a gym instructor image 3

“I always felt the dark side within me,” said Kim. “I hope, for my sake, that the Force is strong in me; otherwise it could be a bumpy ride!”

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is out now on multiple platforms.

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