Retro gamers will rejoice in the news that Square Enix is bringing both Arkanoid DS and Space Invaders Extreme back to our handheld consoles.

Thirty years after Space Invaders was first released, Space Invaders Extreme has been let loose combining the essence of the original game with a futuristic graphic design and cutting-edge audio. We're not sure if this quite counts as "extreme" but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Available on both the Nintendo DS and the PSP, the gameplay experience has been developed to maximise on the consoles’ abilities, offering players a whole new range of features including a vast array of new power-ups, DS Wireless Communications and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Arkanoid DS, on the other hand, updates the classic block-busting gameplay of the 1986 original, with the Vaus vessel, balls and bricks all still intact.

Different modes of play provide unique challenges including "Clear" with 140 levels to complete and "Quest" that sets different rules for clearing each round. Points won in the game can be used to customise the game further, with new backgrounds, blocks and sound effects waiting to be unlocked.

Both games are available now, and you can check out more information on both of them on their respective websites.