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(Pocket-lint) - As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Square Enix announced a fourth main chapter: Kingdom Hearts 4.

Fans can look forward to once again playing as Sora and his Disney chums in the action RPG that's now in the development.

Here's everything we know about it so far, including the first trailer and selection of screengrabs.

What is Kingdom Hearts 4?

The latest chapter in Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series was first confirmed in April 2022, as part of a 20th anniversary collection of announcements.

The action RPG will star Sora and his Disney friends once more - including Goofy and Donald Duck - in a new storyline titled "Lost Master Arc".

It will be based in the new city of Quadratum which, we are promised, is quite unlike anything we've seen in the series so far. There will also be the debut of new character, Strelitzia.

"Sora is an original Disney videogame hero like no other, beloved by our team, and fans across the world. We’ve been honored to work with Tetsuya Nomura and his team for two decades to introduce these original stories of discovery, courage, and friendship," said Walt Disney Games director Nana Gadd. “This glimpse into Sora’s next adventure is just the beginning - we can’t wait to show more when the time is right.”

Kingdom Hearts 4 platforms

DIsney and Square Enix are yet to announce the platforms Kingdom Hearts 4 will release on. We'd be very surprised if it wasn't on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Fans will also hope for PS4 and Xbox One versions, while there's the possibility of releasing a cloud editon for Nintendo Switch too - as with Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 4 release date

Considering it has only just been announced and is clearly in an early stage of development, we wouldn't expect to see Kingdom Hearts 4 hit stores until 2023.

Kingdom Hearts 4 screens

Some announcement screens have been posted by Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer

Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced as part of a video put together for the 20th anniversary celebrations of the series. You can see it below.

The 7-minute-plus trailer also shows development footage of the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (an update to the Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road app), and Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a new game for iOS and Android.

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