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(Pocket-lint) - While flashy 3D remasters are all the rage at the moment, but there's still very much a place for a loving upgrade to an old game that keeps its original look and feel incredible accurate.

For a long time, those sorts of updates have been a little controversial when it comes to the original Final Fantasy games - the versions of the games that have been ported to modern systems have often been updated in bizarre ways.

Whether it's ugly new sprites, funky translations or glitches, they've been plagued, but it looks like Square Enix is trying to fix that problem in one fell swoop. As part of its E3 2021 presentation it announced the Final Fantasy Pixel Series, apparently pixel-perfect remasters of series' first six games.

The trailer above doesn't show off much, but we know that each of the first six games will release individually as part of the series, on iOS, Android and Steam for PC players.

The naming of the series suggests that the original games' pixelised art styles will be being preserved, so we're hoping along with most fans that it is as minimal an upgrade as possible, with modern compatibility enough of a bonus on its own.

For now, though, we'll have to keep an eye out for further news, as Square Enix hasn't put too many details out there at all - we don't even have an estimate for when the first game might launch.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 14 June 2021.