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(Pocket-lint) - When the PlayStation 5 was first unveiled in mid-2020, we got a glimpse of multiple big games coming down the pike for the new console, and one of the most intriguing was Project Athia.

Now, a good while later, we know the game's real title - Forspoken, and have seen a bit more about it thanks to its publisher Square Enix. We've got all the key details for you, right here. 


Forspoken trailer and release date

As we said, the first glimpse of Project Athia came in mid-2020, but Square Enix showed off a little more, and confirmed that the game is called Forspoken, in March 2021 as part of a livestream. 


That slightly longer trailer is embedded above and ended with confirmation that the game was headed for a release date in 2022, which was no surprise given how little we'd seen of it at that point. 

That window did get more precise, with a date in May 2022, which was then delayed into October 2022. A more recent update has us another brand new release date - 24 January 2023, making Forspoken one of the more frequently delayed games that we've come across recently.

Forspoken platforms

Forspoken was first unveiled as a PS5 exclusive on consoles, and that hasn't changed - this is a game that's apparently being built from the ground up for the PlayStation 5, which is exciting for anyone who owns one. 

That means that right now there's no prospect of an Xbox version coming, and it also signals that there won't be a version for the PS4, either. This is a truly next-gen title, after all.

However, it's also going to be coming to the PC, so it won't be fully exclusive to the PS5, which will please many fans with powerful gaming rigs. Needless to say, a Switch version is almost completely impossible for a host of reasons, not least the technical side of things. 

Forspoken story

We haven't had a full explainer of the story and setting of Forspoken, but more recent trailers do give us some pretty firm hints. One of these opens with actor Ella Balinska talking about taking on the role of Forspoken's main character, Frey Holland. 

Frey finds herself transported mysteriously to the world of Athia, full of magic and monsters, and also discovers that she has magical powers to learn and master. 

We don't necessarily know whether she's fighting to make it back to her own world, vanquish some evil or whatever else, but the gameplay gives us a sense for a lush world full of monstrous dangers, and it looks really interesting. 

Forspoken gameplay

Forspoken is being developed by Square Enix's Luminous Productions, a new team formed from developers on Final Fantasy XV, and the short snippets of gameplay we've got so far make that game's influence obvious. 

We know that the game will be open-world, so it looks like a big chunk of Athia will be ours to explore as Frey, with multiple different biomes shown off in the trailer, between rocky outcrops, dusty deserts and forested areas.

Traversal looks like it could be a high-speed affair, with a few clips showing Frey zipping around the environment from point to point, aided by magic, while combat looks similarly kinetic and magic-fuelled, with plenty of glitzy spells to choose from.

There are plenty of gameplay clips to sink your teeth into, and between them you can build a fairly interesting-looking picture of how combat will look in Forspoken, although they're all noticeable missing a HUD or on-screen information.

The above gameplay deep dive gives us way more insight into how Frey will move around the world, using magic to propel herself really rapidly while managing her stamina and using the environment to help her keep at top speed.

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A more recent gameplay showcase that you can see below goes into proper detail on how combat will work, with Frey calling on a variety of elemental magic types to deal with her foes.

There's clearly a wide range of spells to use, with many also changing if you charge them up, and it would seem that we'll be able to exert welcome control over our playstyle as a result.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.