(Pocket-lint) - The world has been taken by surprise - the much-anticipated demo for the Final Fantasy VII Remake has dropped, without warning, and is available right now through the Playstation Store. 

The demo comprises the first chapter of the game, beginning with that memorable Mako Reactor 1 bombing mission. Your progress from the demo won't be carried over into the main game if you do subsequently buy it, though, which is perhaps a slight shame. 

As a little bonus incentive, though, Square Enix is throwing in a free downloadable theme for your Playstation 4 if you download the demo - that theme will be available to download the same day the full game releases, April 10. 

More chapters to come

Of course, that release won't see you able to play through the entirety of the original game's story and locations - it's just the first in a series of planned releases that will eventually comprise the full remake when complete. How long that series is expected to take to release in its entirety is a bit of a mystery.

This first chapter will take up the section of the game set in Midgar, before letting subsequent episodes take you further, but if the five year wait for this part of the game is anything to go by, we might still be waiting for some time before we can play later parts of the game.

Still, in the meantime the demo will likely whet your appetite nicely - you can download it from the Playstation Store right here or through your console. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.