A 12-minute live-action short film has been created based on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution game. Plenty of special effects and impressive costumes create the game's world perfectly, leaving us wanting more. About 90 minutes more.

This film features characters from the Eidos Montreal game including the assassin Yelena Fedorova, neuroscientist Mega Reed and the augmented Adam Jensen. The actor who plays Jensen in this short, Moe Charif, is also the film's director.

Any fans of the game will see references to the game and its community. All of which leave this open perfectly for a follow-up or even a full movie.

The game's publisher, Square Enix, hasn't announced an official movie for its Deus Ex game series but will be creating more games within that universe in the near future. And Deus Ex: The Fall has recently been launched on Steam for PC, after its iOS and Android debuts.

Or perhaps a TV series would be more suited? You hear that Netflix?