The bad news is that Lara Croft's latest exploits aren't going to be with us until 5 March 2013. The good news, however, is that if the new trailer is anything to go by the game should be a cracker when it comes out next year.

Released ahead of annual gaming convention, E3, the new trailer - which opens with footage we saw at last year's E3 - shows Lara marooned on an island, bound and ready to be eaten by savages.

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Escaping that ordeal, she goes hunting for food, before meeting up with other colleagues already stranded.

That's usual fare you think, until some eastern European types with guns turn up and it all starts to get nasty.

With what is expected to be a very gripping storyline, plenty of crash, bang, wallops and, of course, Lara at the centre of it all, not sure she is up to the task at hand, we might still have almost a year to wait before its on our TV screens at home, but by Jove, you'll want to make sure you get that pre-order ready.

Square Enix, the games developers, are expected to be detailing more about the game at E3 - which is lucky, because Pocket-lint will be there covering all the major announcements as they happen.

Stay tuned. 

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