Throughout the Cricket World Cup we had planned on throwing in the odd cricket app for App of the Day to keep the spirit of the tournament alive on Pocket-lint.

But when England lost to the likes of Bangladesh and Ireland, we kind of lost interest.

Well, until they started winning again that is. A resounding thrashing of the West Indies on Thursday means that England should progress to the quarter finals, so we're back on the cricket bandwagon and can bring you a cricket app which goes by the name of......

£2.50 (free ad-packed version too)
Android Market

iOS cricket fans may have already been bashing 6s and taking wickets with Big Cup Cricket for a while now, but it's only this week that the popular sports title has landed on Android.

"We’ve seen a rapid uptake of Google’s Android OS-based smart phones within our core demographic," said Roy Meredith, general manager at Beautiful Game Studios, the chaps behind the game.

"Big Cup Cricket has already proven popular on iOS for its fun, arcade style of play, and we’re looking to expand on its successes on the Android Marketplace."

app of the day big cup cricket android  image 2

The gameplay and the options on the Google mobile OS version are much the same as its iDevice brethren, with the addictive challenge mode still in place, as well as the tournaments with varying levels of difficulties (plus the training drills as well).

And the gameplay is exactly the same. It's all swipe based, and seems pretty naff to begin with. But once you've been playing for a while and you master the swipe motions, it really is quite intricate - with numerous batting, bowling and fielding options available.

Pocket-lint doesn't like to blow its own trumpet, as you well know, but we have to admit that we bowl a mean yorker with reverse swing (think Jimmy Anderson on an overcast day) - but it takes practice to get to our lofty level.

app of the day big cup cricket android  image 3

Within the challenge mode, which is the heart of the game really, your task is to beat all of the cricketing nations from around the world, and collect their flags in your trophy cabinet. You'll be able to bowl out the likes of UAE and Uganda with no problems (our best score was bowling Kenya out for 0 and then winning by 6 runs off of a single ball), but when you reach the 3-star teams (England, South Africa and Australia) then it's much harder - and each team has a unique style.

And it's addictive. Very addictive. So download at your own risk, with our warning ringing in your ears.

As well as the new Android version, Square Enix has also announced the the iPhone version of the game has added a new multiplayer option, and is on sale for just 59p at the moment.