Square Enix has announced that both Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II will be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch later this year. Originally released on the NES back in 1987 and 1988, both games have been revamped to feature touchscreen controls.

The first game's plot revolves around four warriors working to rebalance the elements of a world out of kilter, taking down a "nefarious entity" that's screwing around with time. The second game features another four warriors, this time working to defeat a "malevolent emperor" who's summoning demons. Demons are never good.

Both titles have been improved a little for their iPhone and iPod touch debut - in addition to the touchscreen controls there'll also be additional dungeons that weren't present in the original games, and bonus content that can be accessed when you've completed the main game.

So far, there's no release date or price, but there is a website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Keep an eye on all three of those, and Pocket-lint obviously, for more news as it breaks.