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(Pocket-lint) - Gran Turismo 7's release is just a few weeks away, and after a dedicated State of Play presentation about the game in early February, it looks like Sony has a little more interesting information to spread about it.

It's teasing a collaboration between the driving simulator's developer Polyphony Digital and Sony's own AI division, although exactly what the results of that tie-in are isn't revealed yet.

We should find out more on Wednesday 9 February, apparently, but we're presuming it could have something to do with the AI drivers that you'll face off against in GT7. Of course, there are myriad other ways to implement and take advantage of AI in a game, so that's just one possibility.

Gran Turismo 7 has been eagerly awaited for years, of course, and is bringing a huge roster of cars and tracks to both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 when it releases on 4 March 2022. The hope is that it can live up to its billing as a visual envelope-pusher.

We're particularly excited to see how it takes advantage of the PS5's excellent DualSense controller, which is such a booster to immersion when its haptics are deployed carefully, and Polyphone has made it clear that it's making the most of the controller's innovations.


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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.