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(Pocket-lint) - The excuses have been absolutely flying in this week, but now the moment of truth has arrived. Sky Broadband threw down the gauntlet to the UK's Call of Duty gamers, asking them to nominate the best and worst excuses their mates use when they lose, and some of the clips have been staggering. 

We've had everything from lag to stolen kills, TVs turning off spontaneously, and numb fingers - and every single one has been judged at Sky HQ.

Now, six winners have been selected, and they've got a real treat in store, after offering up some of the most brazen excuses ever. We've got cats falling into bins and needing rescuing at key points, gaming hands getting stuck in Pringles tubes, and players accidentally wearing the wrong glasses during a session, among others. They've each won a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which releases Friday 13th November.

But that's not all - Sky Broadband's also arranged for a completely unique live stream that all six of them will be taking part in, captained by streaming legends Calfreezy and Vikkstar. They'll play out a series of 4v4 matches to establish which captain can lead their team to greater heights, and which players have been using excuses to mask their shortcomings. 

It will all go down in a specially designed Safehouse, hosted by Sky Broadband and Activision, a precision-designed location that guarantees the stablest of connections and the best equipment, so that everyone gaming has absolutely no excuses to fall back on. 

After all, Sky Broadband is the Official Broadband Partner of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and with average download speeds of 59 Mbps, it’s perfect for gamers. The winners of the tourney will take home bragging rights and some exclusive COD merch, while the losers won't have anything to use as a scapegoat, except for their own skill. 

The live stream is scheduled in for 11 December, and you can watch it right here on Pocket-lint, as we'll be hosting it on our homepage - there will also be giveaways throughout the night, so there are plenty more goodies to be secured.

Now, all that remains is for our winners to get some practice in, and work on their game face - there’s going to be a whole lot of people watching... 

Note: The Safehouse tournament will take place in a COVID-secure environment pending local lockdown regulations, and is subject to changes of date and time, and cancellation, depending on those regulations.