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(Pocket-lint) - No Man's Sky, the planetary exploration game that launched in 2016, is getting a massive update.

The game's next update, called Next, will bring a much-requested feature: online multiplayer. Developer Hello Games described it as the biggest update to the game yet, and it's major news for those of you who bought the game but were disappointed by the fact that it's largely a single-player experience with some multiplayer factors. You see, it's possible to meet other players in the game, but it's rare.

No Man’s Sky takes place in a generated universe that is so vast it's quite difficult to run into other players. Still, after our limited initial amount of time with the game, we were well and truly hooked. It's indisputably original, and really makes you feel like a space-pioneer, exploring vast expanses of space, which, while often inhospitable, are never less than thoroughly inviting. It's a game you can lose yourself in.

But, this update, the fourth major expansion for the game, is free and coming to PC and the PS4 on 24 July, and it will no doubt make the game even more of a major triumph. Not only that, but No Man’s Sky will make its long-overdue debut on the Xbox One this summer, too.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 18 May 2018.