Retro gaming fans will be in for a treat in May, as Blaze has announced it is launching a "new" version of Sega's classic console, the Mega Drive.

The console is a plug and play device and will come with 15 games built in, including Alex Kidd, Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Golden Axe and Sonic And Knuckles.

However, Blaze has also said the console will play all old Mega Drive cartridges from all regions. Best get digging in your loft for your old favourites.

You might remember that this is not the company's first attempt to bring the brilliance of the Mega Drive back in to modern culture.

Last year the company burst in to the spotlight with the release of its handheld Mega Drive console, which got thumbs up all round from reviewers. Here's hoping its full console is as impressive.

Blaze's Mega Drive is set for release on 1 May, and has an RRP of £39.99. You can pre-order it now from for £37.99.