So it seems that the Sega Vision rumours we reported on yesterday do actually have some roots,

Sega has confirmed that the Vision is indeed real, but is not a rival to the PSP, or even a dedicated gaming device as the original story claimed.

Instead it seems it will be more of an MP4 video player that will have basic gaming capabilities, probably capable of Java-based games similar to the ones you play on your mobile phone.

Sega's has put the rumours pretty straight with the following: "The Sega Vision is a real device, but it is not intended as a re-entry to the gaming hardware market or a rival to Sony or Nintendo's systems."

A spokeperson added: "Sega is committed to remaining a software third party in the videogames industry, but also has several non-games products in the market. The Vision is primarily an MP4 video player with some basic games functionality, and not a new handheld gaming machine."

So there you have it. More internet rumours are also saying that the Sega Vision isn't even a Sega-developed device, but rather a Chinese device rebranded with a Sega logo

Probably nothing spectacular then, but we can but wait and see.