Internet rumours are suggesting that Sega is gearing up to release a portable media player to rival the PSP next year, with eight different entertainment features.

Apparently called the Sega Vision, it will be a handheld games console, as well being able to play music and movies. Other features include an built-in camera for taking pictures and video, an integrated TV tuner for TV on the go and a voice recorder.

The Sega Vision could even go up against Sony's range of e-book readers, with "books" being listed as a feature as well.

A video of the product, that has now been deleted from YouTube, showed the Vision as being around the size of a credit card. If this is true, we're not sure exactly what kind of quality you're going to get from such a small screen.

Apparently Sega has confirmed with The Register that the Vision will be launched in the UK early next year, but there are also enough outlets doubting this is a genuine release. Especially since a handful of working models are reportedly sat in an arcade in central London waiting to be won. Doesn't seem quite the way Sega would want to introduce its first handheld console for years, but who are we to judge?

No official announcement has been made, so we don't have technical specs or price details. Until then, it might be wise to take all of this with a slight pinch of salt.