Ads for the gore-fest that is Sega's Condemned 2, have been banned following on from complaints from members of the public.

The two ads were being aired post-9pm and post-11pm respectively.

They has been given the go-ahead by Clearcast, which is itself licensed by Ofcom to pre-approve adverts.

But now the ASA has received nine complaints from members of the general public, and has opted to get Sega to pull the ads.

The complaints included the comment that the ads were too violent to be aired at any time, even after the watershed, whilst others said they found the ads distressing.

The watchdog itself says the reason is that the adverts contained "scenes of violence including a man punching another on the floor and blood splattering on the screen as a man was beaten with a club".

It added: "The scenes were filmed from the view of either the assailant or the victim ... The ad ended with a close-up of an eye, surrounded by blood, looking through a spy hole".

Sega has responded by simply stating that the ads reflect the content of the game, which has an 18 rating.