Sega has announced, with impeccable timing, Football Manager 2007, but its just a tease since the game won't be available until Christmas.

It boasts more than 100 new features, and is ready to go for PC, Mac, Intel Mac, and Xbox360. A handheld version is also available for the PSP.

Improvements have been made largely from user feedback on forums, and include a Sports Interactive team that compiles a new user interface to allow players to use a joypad on the Xbox360. On the Handheld version, you can now play against others on a network on your PSP.

All versions see the addition of Feeder Clubs, where you can establish clubs big and small, to look for loan players or loan out your own stars. A revamp of the youth teams includes full youth squads for each team with a youth set-up, giving a much better system for the regeneration of players in the long term game.

Other improvements include a more user-friendly interface with hints and tips throughout the game, a revamp of the scouting system that gives you more information about players and teams, and improved player interaction.

Football Manager 2007 will be ready for a Christmas release.