(Pocket-lint) - With Dawn of War III released tomorrow, Sega has created something unique to promote it. It has built a real-life, fully-working power fist.

Based on the pneumatic gloves space marines have worn since Games Workshop first unveiled Warhammer 40K, the working version was partly 3D printed but utilises weapons-grade aluminium for the fingers and punching fist itself.

It weighs almost 10kg and is capable of delivering a maximum force of 3300 Newtons. Basically, it can punch through a brick wall. And ceramic toilet.

The power fist was built by UK production company Rewind and requires a harness to support its weight. The harness also contains two air canisters, which power parts from an old industrial pneumatic cylinder. It can deliver up to 3,000 PSI to the first in order to augment the user's strength.

Sega used the working version on a number of hapless targets, including a dolls house, but it eventually gave up the ghost after ploughing through a series of computers and other metal objects. It expects to have it up and running again soon and Pocket-lint is hoping to give it a test in the coming days.

Dawn of War III will be available for PC from Steam and Amazon.co.uk from tomorrow, 27 April.

Writing by Rik Henderson.