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(Pocket-lint) - It seems that this saga will never end, but yet another games company has been breached by hackers... Sega.

Like with Sony Computer Entertainment, Codemasters and Bethesda before it, Sega has had vital information from its user base exploited for mischievous means. The company has reported "unauthorised entry" to its Sega Pass database, and it admits that a "subset of SEGA Pass members emails addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were obtained".

However, in an open letter to those affected (and also obtained by Pocket-lint), the software giant stresses that the password portion of the database was encrypted, and were not stored in plain text.

The company is also keen to stress that payment information is not involved in the theft: "Please note that no personal payment information was stored by SEGA as we use external payment providers, meaning your payment details were not at risk from this intrusion," it says.

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As a result of the attack, the Sega Pass system is currently offline.

Strangely, the number one suspect for this latest database hack, Lulzsec, has not claimed responsibility via its Twitter feed as of yet. The group hasn't been so reticent in the past.

Maybe there's a new kid in town?

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Writing by Rik Henderson.