So far, it's been a bit of a glum day. First up we brought you some good news - that Hulu could be on its way to the PS3. But this good news was ruined a bit when you consider that Hulu isn't yet available here in Britain. Then we told you about the iPhone 4's reception problems and Apple's seemingly flawed advice - to learn to hold your phone differently.

So you'd be forgiven for being a bit depressed after that. Especially if you're an iPhone 4 owning, Hulu loving, kinda guy living on the wrong side of the pond.

If only there was a way to cheer you up whilst the day's still young. Well luckily there is. Courtesy of Etsy, we bring you the best novelty soap bar we've ever seen. A whopping, 300g+, replica of a Sega Dreamcast control pad. Don't ask why, just enjoy,

The soap bar is made of glycerine soap infused with coconut oil and will cost you $19 plus any international postage charges. It comes shrink wrapped so it'll be fresh and new when you get it.

The Dreamcast was Sega's follow up to the Saturn. It was a commercial flop, probably because it was a bit ahead of its time. It had a built-in modem for online play, but during the dial-up period, this wasn't really practical.

We have to say we quite liked the Dreamcast, but not as much as we like this novelty soap bar. We want one, and we want one now. Showers are going to seem pretty tame until we get one.

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