Rockstar has said that the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be the biggest portable game the company has ever made.

The president of Rockstar Leeds, Gordon Hall said: "Chinatown Wars is much bigger than anything we have ever done before [in terms of scope]: more odd jobs, deeper missions, and more moments of over-the-top action".

He added: "We have a huge interaction with the Rockstar Social Club, a massive [narcotics trafficking] game that would stand alone on its own. The list goes on and on; this thing is huge. We are very proud of all of the PSP games we have made, especially the two GTA games, but this game is far bigger".

Whether Hall means the game is bigger in a gameplay sense, or geographically, remains to be seen. However, we do know that the game's map is supposed to be nearly as big as that in GTA 4 - let's hope that the gameplay matches up to that of its bigger sibling as well.