A preview of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars by a Spanish magazine has given us a sneak peek at what what we can expect from the mini version of the series.

In fact, it's not very mini at all, and will cover the whole of Liberty City as its portrayed in GTA IV, all bar the borough of Alderney. Dukes, Bohan, Broker and Algonquin are all in there.

Also uncovered by the preview is that the controversial drug-dealing mini-game has "big importance".

The touchscreen part of the DS will feature a PDA with a GPS system that helps you both keep track missions and navigate the streets of Liberty City, as well as your radio and controls.

You'll see all the action going on on the DS' top screen, and although it it is mainly shown from top-down, you will be able to rotate the camera through 360 degrees for different angles too.

A nice touch is that you'll be able to whistle to call cabs. We like that.

Take-Two announced last week that Chinatown Wars had been pushed back from its expected January release to late Spring. We'll get exact dates to you when we have them.