Grand Theft Auto IV is set to debut on the PC this November as a Games for Windows branded title.

The game will be released to coincide with the second anniversary of the Games for Windows initiative, which despite receiving mixed reviews from gamers, now has more than 85 PC games under its belt.

The PC version of the Rockstar smash is said to include expanded online matches, cutting-edge DirectX graphics and new LIVE features, such as a redesigned game interface, out-of-game client and marketplace.

"We’re incredibly proud of the deep, customizable multiplayer experience that ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ offers players," said Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. "As we work toward the release of the PC version, Games for Windows – LIVE affords us the opportunity to seamlessly translate the multiplayer console experience for PC gamers. The service is a natural fit for the platform and we strongly believe it will help in building a strong online community around ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ PC."

Other games joining GTA IV on Games for Windows - LIVE are Fallout 3, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and James Bond: Quantum of Solace.

Microsoft says that the benefit of Games for Windows – LIVE is that users can enjoy a common Gamertag, Gamerscore, and unified friends list across both supported PC games and the Xbox 360 console, as well as enjoy single and multiplayer Achievements, voice chat, text messaging and TruSkill online matchmaking.

Keep your eyes peeled for GTA IV PC in November.