GTA IV has sold almost 1m copies in the first week on sale in the UK.

The biggest All Formats No 1 ever, Grand Theft Auto IV from Rockstar also puts a stop to Nintendo's Wii Fit, replacing it at the top and outselling it by a massive nine to one.

Released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, GTA IV sold a total of 926,000 copies, over 5 days.

According to Chart-Track, the body that monitors video game sales in the UK, GTA IV took almost £40m (at the box office) and means the game accounts for 61.2% of the value of all software sold in the week.

Chart-Track also firmed-up day one figures. Stating that the game sold 22,000 more copies than the originally estimated 609,000 bringing the total to 631,000.

In under a week GTA IV has sold more units than every other title in 2007, except FIFA 08, Brain Training and Call of Duty 4.

Sega are the only company to release an All Formats Top 40 game in GTA IV week with super hero film tie-in Iron Man: The Official Videogame new at No 11.