Rockstar is already enjoying record sales, but it seems that there's more to come for GTA IV.

The team behind the record-breaking game have decided to take a completely different approach to marketing the soundtrack to the game - which includes tracks by Kanye West and John Coltrane.

In fact, the game soundtracks boasts 19 in-game radio stations and over 200 songs.

Rockstar Games and are now making most of the music heard on the in-game radio stations by making them available for download through the Amazon MP3 digital music store.

Players can, for the first time, tag songs in the soundtrack that they like, then get further information about that track so that they can buy it.

And record labels are obviously rubbing their hands and waiting for the money to roll in.

Cynthia Sexton, senior vice president of marketing and licensing for EMI Music North America told Reuters: "It's a very big deal for us".

"We're continually looking for new ways to sell our music. There are millions of people buying 'Grand Theft Auto,' and we hope they will enjoy the music and in turn buy those tracks."