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(Pocket-lint) - Sales of more than 8 million are predicted for GTA IV, which is set to become not only one of the biggest sellers of the year but also an iconic game, if the reviews are to be believed.

But in the wake of the Byron report, which encouraged parents to gen up about what their kids are looking at on the Internet, and also what games they are playing, are store staff going to be demanding IDs?

According to a BBC blog, the US classifier has sent out a reminder to parents that the game has a 17 rating.

In Australia, the game was "watered" down but according to Oz reports, gamers can still pick up prostitutes but with the "action" not shown e.g., for car-based rendezvous you just see steamy windows, and the bumper bouncing.

But questions are being asked if this is any different from some 15 rated movie content, and as such, have the censors been too harsh?

Neil Long, editor of MCV magazine, told the BBC: "There are a million films out there that are a lot more graphic in terms of violence. Like any other kind of adult content video games are just another form of entertainment".

"The people that make these kind of statements, perhaps they don't understand videogames and how they as an art form have matured. It is an entertainment form to rival movies, music and TV and it should be considered in that way."

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Writing by Katie Scott.