Rockstar has put a date to its next instalment of its Grand Theft Auto games although other details about gameplay and missions are still thin on the ground.

Fans of the series need to book off the weekend of the 20 October and make sure they own a PSP.

Why? Because Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories will be available for the PSP on the 20 October in the UK.

Scheduled for release in the US on October 17th and heading to Europe on the 20th, the PSP title is being developed by Rockstar Leeds - the same studio responsible for the commercially successful Liberty City Stories - and will be priced at $49.99 and £34.99 in the UK.

Vice City Stories is the second title to be released by Rockstar for the PSP in the hugely successful series.

Liberty City Stories has been recently ported to the PS2, and although there is no confirmation as yet, you can probably expect the same in for Vice City Stories as well.