A Los Angeles City Attorney has sued the makers of Grand Theft Auto citing for allegedly hiding explicit sexual material in the popular video game.

The lawsuit from the City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo alleges that the companies violated state law by failing to disclose the presence of the sexual content and that had the governing body who regulates age certification known about this a more restrictive Adults Only rating on the game would have been given.

When news originally broke about the Hot Coffee mod, which allowed sexual content to be accessed by gamers, GTA publishers, Take Two Interactive pulled the game from the shelves, but only after it had already sold millions of copies. A re-rated version was later released.

Delgadillo wants the company to stop marketing the games to children, pay fines and return $10 million in profits.

It also demands a $2,500 fine for each untrue or misleading statement the company purportedly made about the games.