Rockstar perhaps taking a break from GTA has found time in its busy schedule to release a free Flash-based music sequencer, sampler and mixer built to work right in your browser called Beaterator (

The free software allows anyone with an internet connection to create tracks using either pre-loaded samples or ones you create yourself. You can then safe the output to MP3 as long as you register your email with Rockstar.

Beaterator offers 8 tracks of sequencing, 4 tracks of original loop crafting down to the 16th note, 240 bar limit, full BPM control, ability to upload your own samples, ability to save out as an mp3, an advanced effects module, original sound bank comprised of hundreds of loops, drum kit sounds, synth and string stabs and more provided by production gurus Steinski, Matthew Dear, Juan Atkins, Avee & 3D and King Britt.