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(Pocket-lint) - Just after releasing a first major update for the digital version of its package, Rockstar has delayed the release of the physical versions of Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition.

The games launched digitally in early November to an absolute storm of criticism thanks to their almost jaw-droppingly buggy state, and Rockstar didn't take long to issue an apology, and also to reinstate the original versions of the games to digital storefronts.

It pledged to fix all three titles, and the first big patch has done a bunch of work to stabilise their performance and fix some of the more glaring bugs. This includes, for example, adding the option of haze when you're high up in San Andreas, to avoid seeing the entire game world and skybox in one go.

Also fixed are various spelling mistakes on store signs, cut-scene continuity errors and more. However, it looks like Rockstar might be rightly wary of releasing the disc versions with the original buggy version of the game.

While the release for the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game have only slipped by 10 days, the Switch version has been pushed to next year, reflecting its shoddier performance even relative to the reduced power of Nintendo's console.

In reality, this is the sort of delay is very much for the best - people buying in physcial format would probably rather have a more stable experience than getting the game a week earlier, in most cases, and this should hopefully help with that.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.