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(Pocket-lint) - It might have launched back in 2013, but Grand Theft Auto Five is still incredibly popular. So much so that when Epic Games announced the game was going to be available for free for a limited period, the demand was so high that the store couldn't take the pressure. 

This led to gamers facing site errors, slow load times and more when they tried to access the site. Epic Games took to Twitter to apologise:

Grand Theft Auto V was the latest game to be part of the company's mystery game offer - where one game per week is available for users to download and keep forever. 

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Despite selling more than 100 million copies since it launched, it seems that GTA V is still in high demand. Even more so when it's entirely free. If you've not played it already, now is the time to get it. GTA V is free from now until 21 May, so get it quick before you miss out. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.