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(Pocket-lint) - Remarkably, the popularity of Grand Theft Auto V hasn't waned since its console debut four years ago, even topping the games sales charts again recently, and that's partly thanks to a vibrant community of modders.

Thanks to the PC version's ability to be remodelled and moulded for new experiences in the game world, a huge modding network has been busy replacing textures and adding new elements since the Windows edition arrived in 2015.

Some, such as GTA 5 Redux, make the graphics look more realistic, with new lighting systems and grittier surfaces. There is even an amazing short film shot entirely using the game engine and several downloadable modifications.

There's a mod that has caught our eye more than most, however. Project London by Kieran Merrilees is gradually turning Los Santos into the darker, broodier streets of our own capital. And we heartily approve.

We've been clamouring for the series to return to London for many years, ever since GTA: London 1969 was released in 1999. That was essentially a standalone mission pack for the first, top-down game and it was brilliant.

It was a bit more Austin Powers than The Long Good Friday, so Project London, with its modern, realistic feel, is different. Still very welcome round these parts, however.

So far, Merrilees has included Heathrow Airport, Wembley Stadium, St Thomas Hospital and several other landmarks around the city, placing them in Los Santos itself. His overall aim is to overhaul the entire map and replace it with "British textures".

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For now, you can download the current version of the mod and check out his progress. You can also see some of the screens generated so far in our gallery below...

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