(Pocket-lint) - With all the talk of Pokemon Go and Red Dead Redemption dominating gaming news it's nice to find something unrelated. What's more, no matter how popular and excellent the mobile and backwards compatible games are respectively, neither could touch GTA 5 Redux for making us go "wow".

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been available on PC for more than a year, but a mod by Josh Romito and his team not only brings it kicking and screaming up to date, it almost presents an all-new experience.

The GTA 5 Redux mod not only dramatically overhauls the graphics, with all-new weather systems and effects, lighting and textures, the game has been enhanced in many ways.

There is a new police system, with a reconfigured wanted system. Officers and the military have also been given new tactics and skills, plus more advanced weapon load outs. There are also female police officers dispatched to your crimes.

Weapons have been upgraded, to be closer to real life counterparts. Bullets are also projectiles, rather than hit instantly as in the main game. Enemies are also tweaked to fight back more effectively, especially in melee.

Population levels have also been reconfigured, with a greater variety of random events happening. The frequency of non-story crimes and police clashes has been ramped up.

There are plenty of other changes too, which are detailed on the mod's homepage at gta5redux.com. The most important statistic though is the date of release, which has been set to 26 August. You'll be able to apply it to your own game (on PC) and see the incredible amount of work and effort put into it then.

We've included the mod's gameplay trailer above, to give you an idea of how good it looks. We've also posted a PC gameplay trailer below of the original, for comparison.

Let's hope Rockstar takes note and sees the potential for a more realistic looking GTA 6.

Writing by Rik Henderson.