After an extraordinarily long wait Grand Theft Auto 5 might be finally getting new storyline missions and single-player downloadable content.

The actor behind lead character Franklin, Shawn Fonteno, posted an image on Instagram yesterday of himself in the mo-cap suit again, clearly taken at Rockstar's offices or studio.

It has sparked a wave of internet excitement, with many speculating that we will finally get the DLC promised by Rockstar in 2014.

Back then, the developer revealed that it was working on "some very exciting" new story additions, which it hoped to release by the end of that year. However, thanks to the unexpected, enormous success of GTA Online, the development teams were shifted to that area instead.

Fonteno's Instagram posting could mean that the developer is finally ready to go back to the original DLC project.

Solo118 (Instagram)gta 5 might finally be getting single player dlc image 2

Alternatively, it could be that the actor found a picture taken during the original recording sessions and decided to post it afresh simply for a laugh. After all, his only explanation is "LOL".

If that's the case, and anyone from Rockstar is reading this, pleeeeeaassse can we have some GTA 5 single-player DLC? Go on, just a little bit... pretty pur-lease?

Loss of dignity? Us?