Rockstar now offers the entire Grand Theft Auto III trilogy on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet devices. GTA III and GTA: Vice City have now joined GTA: San Andreas on the platform, which was released for Kindle Fire HDX devices in January.

The third in the trilogy is now also available to buy for £4.99 with 2,000 Amazon Coins added for free. That means the other two, priced £2.99 and £4.99 respectively, can be added to your download bundle for free. You'll even have Coins left over for other app downloads or content.

In the US, you can also play the games on an Amazon Kindle Fire TV, using the optional controller. San Andreas is even better these days than when it was released 10 years ago as the character models and colour palette have been greatly improved for the mobile versions.

All three games have been available on iOS and Android for a while, and have been critically acclaimed since they hit their respective app stores.

You can find the three Grand Theft Auto games in the Amazon Appstore now.