Rockstar has released the Android and Kindle Fire HDX versions of GTA: San Andreas, which follow the iPhone and iPad edition already available.

The third in the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy has been radically updated graphically from the PS2 and original Xbox games released 10 years ago. They have been re-mastered with new lighting enhancements, an enriched colour palette and improved character models. The Android version also adds controller support, for USB and Bluetooth-enabled joypads.

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The game will only run on select Android devices at present, so you'll need to check yours is covered before shelling out any cash. Rockstar has posted a list of all supported Android and Kindle Fire devices on its support pages, so it's worth giving that a visit.

The game costs £4.99 to download and is available on Google Play, the Amazon Appstore and, as before, Apple's App Store for respective devices.