(Pocket-lint) - Rockstar has released its Grand Theft Auto V companion application for Windows Phone 8 and, because it is a direct port over, it features the exact same games and opportunities to interact with the PS3 and Xbox 360 game as the versions for iOS and Android.

The app is a free download from the Windows Store and is called simply iFruit if you're searching for it. It has a mini-game where you can treat Chop, the GTA Rottweiler, as a pseudo Tamagotchi. His growth in the app game will also translate into the main game if you ensure you log in with your Rockstar Games Social Club details.

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In addition, you can order upgrades and new licence plates for your in-game cars through Los Sanstos Customs. And you can browse the GTA version of the internet and stay connected with in-game companies and the like through fake social network LifeInvader.

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One issue we have discovered though is that, much like the iOS version when it first launched, we haven't been able to successfully sign into the app ourselves here at Pocket-lint. We downloaded and tried it out on a Nokia Lumia 1020, so if you have more luck than us, please let us know.

It could be that the servers are a little busy at the moment, thanks to the new app being launched.

Writing by Rik Henderson.