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(Pocket-lint) - You may not even have completed GTA V on single player yet, let alone started online. But already the benevolent Rockstar is showering us with gifts of new weapons, vehicles, jobs and more thanks to an update for GTA Online. And it’s all free.

The Beach Bum update will be available from Tuesday 19 November and will be added automatically with the next title update (1.06). With that you’ll get two new weapons, four new vehicles for land and sea, several action-focused jobs, plus new clothes, hairstyle and tattoo customisations.

The new weapons are the SNS Pistol and the Broken Bottle. Both will be available from Ammu-Nation in GTA Online and will be added into the three characters’ inventory in Story Mode.

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The new vehicles are the BF Bifta dune buggy, Canis Kalahari off-road truck, Bravado Paradise beach camper van, and a Speeder speedboat. All are free with the land based vehicles accessible from southernsanandreassuperautos.com website and the Speeder available via docktease.com. They are also available in Story Mode from the garage and marina properties.

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New missions include: Grass Route II, a race off-road on the North bank of the Zancudo River; Survival on Del Perro Pier, an enemy survival at the pier; View of Vespucci, a 2,980ft parachute jump to Vespucci Beach, and Sundae Driving, a motorbike race on the seafront. Even more jobs will be included too.

Beach-ready customisations of clothes, hair and tattoos will also be available from the update outset. These include shaggy hair, tribal tattoos and neon surfer attire.

This is just the first of many new updates that will be coming to Grand Theft Auto Online. Up next is a Content Creator, cooperative heists and Capture the Flag. We can’t wait.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 13 November 2013.