Although a leak on 24 September allegedly described Grand Theft Auto Online prices for Brits, Rockstar Games has stepped forward hours later to completely reveal its hand. 

In an extremely lengthy post on the Rockstar Games blog, the publisher explained what consumers can expect to see when GTA Online launches on 1 October. First of all, and interestingly, the company referred to the launch as a more of a "rollout" - which is likely due to GTA's server constraints. 

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The blog post offered up information for everything GTA Online-related. For instance, Rockstar delved into how 16 players can enter the world together, and it discussed content updates, customisations, reputation, cash flow and GTA community feedback.

Rockstar even revealed that a forums, called Social Club Forums, will launch sometime this autumn following the launch of GTA Online. In fact, Rockstar explained, GTA Online will be shaped and moulded by the feedback provided from gamers. They just have to email or post in the forums.

All of that fun stuff aside, Rockstar chiefly emphasised that the entire experience and updates will cost nothing for gamers. That's right: zip, nada, free of charge. It also said there would be more details to come about content and development plans.

GTA Online is a free game to play for anybody with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V. It is completely separate from the single-player campaign and allows you to create your own character to play solo or alongside other players in all-new missions.