Games developer Rockstar has dramatically slashed the prices of its iOS and Android apps, with the Grand Theft Auto titles on Apple's iTunes App Store and Google Play now costing £1.99 each, while the original Max Payne now costs £1.49.

Three GTA games are available. Touchscreen-friendly ports of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City were both released to celebrate their respective 10th anniversaries. And Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was a direct mobile phone and tablet version of the game released initially for the Nintendo DS.

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The third features top-down gameplay, much like the first two GTA games many years ago, while the two port-overs are the full 3D experience as found on the original Xbox and PS2.

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Max Payne is another game that was ported over successfully by the company from the original console and PC game.

Rockstar has highlighted the "beach weather" half the world is currently bathing in as one excuse for the price drop. The imminent release of GTA V - only two months to go - is another.

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