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(Pocket-lint) - Rockstar has announced details on two limited-edition packs for its forthcoming Grand Theft Auto V. They will both be available for pre-order today and include a stack of extras as well as the full game itself.

The Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition includes a collectible steelbook with exclusive artwork of main characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin. There's a 546 x 679mm blueprint map of Los Santos and Blaine County, which includes cryptic markings for fast cash and other points of interest. And there are in-game benefits too.

With this pack, each of the main playable characters get a 25 per cent boost to their special ability bar, in that it generates 25 per cent faster than with a standard copy of the game. Single-player stunt plane trials offer additional aerial challenges. There are bonus outfits and tattoos and additional weapons will be available from merchants.

The Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition offer all that is in the Special Edition, plus a GTA V-branded security deposit bag and key inspired by the heists in the game. An exclusive New Era 9Fifty baseball cap is included. Classic GTA characters will be available to use in the Grand Theft Auto Online Character Creation System. And there will be unique vehicles and garage property available to the player.

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The Collector's Edition also comes in a matte laminated box with the logo emblazoned on the outside.

GTA V is released on 17 September 2013. The Rockstar pre-order page opens later today, with the Special Edition being available for $79.99 (£53), Collector's Edition for $149.99. Pocket-lint is waiting on UK prices and will update when they are known.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 23 May 2013.