Rockstar has released 12 new Grand Theft Auto V screengrabs that show how much variety there will be in the final game when it's launched in September.

Coming fresh off the back of the triple trailer combo hitting the web at the end of April, the new screens are action-packed. They feature scuba diving, skydiving, cars, bikes and beautiful scenery. There's also a couple that show the three main protagonists, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, all suited up on one of the heist missions that feature throughout the game.

gta v new action screens arrive excitement ratchets up a notch image 2

There's definitely a sense of scale in the latest set of shots. It's already a known fact that GTA V has the biggest playable map since Red Dead Redemption, and that it is much larger than all of the other Grand Theft Autos. What we can see in just a few screenshots is that it offers radically different styles in different areas, including a very Vice City backdrop to Franklin on a motorbike.

Grand Theft Auto V was originally due for release in the spring, but was put back to 17 September so that Rockstar could perfect the game more before release. It will be available for Xbox 360 and PS3.